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Can pregnant women eat wolfberry

01 The taste of Lycium barbarum is Ganping. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can not only nourish liver and kidney, enrich eyesight and nourish blood, but also enhance people's immunity. Lycium barbarum is rich in carotene and vitamins, which can better prevent heart disease and cancer. Lycium barbarum has a good health effect, especially for pregnant women with weak constitution and poor resistance.
02_It should be noted that when adding wolfberry in cooking, attention should be paid to the cooking method. The cooking time of wolfberry should not be too long. Wolfberry should be added at the end of stir-frying or soup cooking, so as to prevent the loss of a large number of nutrients. Lycium barbarum is not suitable for long-term cleaning, if long-term cleaning, it will lose its nutrients, it is recommended to wash it in warm water. No tonic can be overeaten, medlar is no exception, generally speaking, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of medlar a day is more appropriate.
03_Pregnant women can eat wolfberry, the old tradition said that wolfberry tea can treat pregnant anemia, has a good blood tonic effect, of course, pregnant women should eat wolfberry in moderation, not excessive consumption. In addition, it needs to be reminded that wolfberry is also a tonic, if pregnant women eat too much, it may cause fetal movement, serious miscarriage.