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What should I eat before the last meal on the train?

01 1 In addition to the sensory sensor is too sensitive, there are many reasons for motion sickness. For example, eating too much or not eating at all, hungry, will cause motion sickness. In addition, overworked, lack of sleep
02 2 The car motion sickness actually has little effect on what to eat. However, if you eat a very greasy food or eat it before you ride the car, it will cause vomiting and cause motion sickness. Therefore, it is recommended to take the meal before the car.
03 3 If you are in a car motion sickness, you can use some other methods to divert attention to the feeling of the sensory system on the external environment. For example, when you are in the car, you can eat a word of plum or other acid, and put your eyes in the distance.
04 If you have a seat, it is best to sit in front because the vibration in front will be slightly smaller. Prepare an orange and smell it when you are uncomfortable. If you can't, you can relieve the motion sickness by sticking a motion sickness sticker or eating motion sickness medicine.