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What are the treatments for arthritis?

01 1 Method 1: Surgical treatment: Because the indications are very strict, the number of people who are clinically suitable for surgery is less than 5%, plus the high cost, large trauma, long recovery period, easy recurrence, etc., so it is impossible to promote it.
02 2 Method 2: Western medicine is based on the treatment of Yuankang Shukang soft capsule. The Yuanpai Festival Shukang Soft Capsule uses advanced smashing technology to grind the cartilage to ultrafine powder, which can be directly absorbed by the human body. Inflammation of the joints
03 3 Method 3: Arthritis can be injected into the joint cavity with sodium hyaluronate and oral glucosamine. It can also be combined with some Chinese medicine Zhuanggu joint pills. Surgical treatment commonly used in surgical treatment includes arthroscopic surgery, cutting