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How can drinking pear juice empty carcinogens in the body? It's the healthiest way to eat pears like this.

01 Can eating pears after barbecue really fight cancer? After eating a pear or drinking a cup of hot pear juice after barbecue, can the accumulated carcinogens be discharged in large quantities? We all know that fried and baked foods produce more benzopyrene and other carcinogens through smoking and burning. Pears, especially pear juice, contain abundant anti-carcinogens, which can eliminate or exclude carcinogens and protect the gastrointestinal tract from cancer to a certain extent. Therefore, many people believe that eating some pears after barbecue can fight cancer! Is it true or not? "Eating barbecue and fruit with high vitamin C content is beneficial, but"anti-cancer"is exaggerated. Zhou Sumei, a researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Products Processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said. Food can produce carcinogenic substances (such as benzopyrene) after barbecue. If you eat foods rich in antioxidants (such as vitamin C) at the same time, it can reduce the harm to human body. Vitamin C is higher in kiwifruit, tomato, citrus and other fruits and vegetables, while the content of vitamin C in pear is moderately low in fruit; furthermore, occasional barbecue is not carcinogenic. Therefore, "eating pears after barbecue can fight cancer" is exaggerated. The practice of "eating fruit while barbecuing" is beneficial. Quenching or barrier the harmful substances before they play a role can reduce the occurrence of harmful substances, but on the whole, it is not recommended to eat more barbecued food. The American Association for Cancer Research (AICR) says it does not recommend any specific anti-cancer food, but recommends that more than two-thirds of the diet come from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans.
02. Drinking pear juice can excrete strong carcinogens? "Drink pear juice after meals and discharge carcinogens from the body in large quantities." Is it true or a rumor? Researchers tested smokers who ate 750 grams of pears a day for four days and measured urinary levels of 1-hydroxypyrene, a metabolite of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, before and after eating pears. Drinking pear juice to mice injected with carcinogens also excreted a large amount of 1-hydroxypyrene toxin. The results showed that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a strong carcinogen accumulated in the body, such as smoking or eating barbecue, decreased significantly after eating pears, especially after drinking heated pear juice. So researchers found that eating a pear or drinking a cup of hot pear juice after a meal, accumulated carcinogens in the human body can be excreted in large quantities. Chen Huibin, Director of Nutrition Department of Henan Cancer Hospital, laughed: "This is an excuse for smokers. If a glass of pear juice can solve carcinogens, then we don't need to invest medical resources to study cancer." Everyone has cancer cells in the body, because external or self-factors may lead to the attack of cancer cells. Therefore, it is advocated that people should eat less barbecue or fried food, smoke less and eat a reasonable diet. Because cancer is closely related to diet, "in addition to diet, normal excretion can also promote the health of the body, the human body is a complex system, a glass of pear juice on the human body's defecation system has little impact, nor can it change the physiological phenomenon of the human body". Surveys showed that dietary factors accounted for 35% of the environmental factors of cancer attack. Chen Huibin suggested that diet should be diversified in daily life. In addition, adequate water, proper exercise and good mood are the key factors to prevent cancer.
03 The effect of three pear-eating methods on moistening lung doubled Wei Biao, Department of Nutrition, Oriental Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that at present, the common pears are Yali, Sydney Pear, Fengshui Pear and Xiangli Pear. Yali pear fruit is inverted oval, with duck head on the top, tastes sweet and refreshing; Sydney pear, with thick skin, crisp flesh and sweet juice; crisp pear flesh is crisp and juicy, sweet and fragrant; fragrant pear has smaller fruit, thin peel, crisp taste and strong fragrance. The following three methods are recommended to double the effect of moistening the lung: steaming - moistening the lung, relieving cough and resolving phlegm: first cut the pear from the bottom third of the pedicel as a cover, dig out the heart of the pear, hollow the middle flesh of the pear, and cut it into pieces; then put Fritillaria Fritillaria powder (about 3G with a pear) and appropriate amount of ice sugar into the pear, and then steamed the pear. In the pot, steam over high heat for 45 minutes or so, and then take it out and eat it. This way of eating not only moistens the lungs, but also relieves cough and resolves phlegm. Juice Pressing - Runfei Shengjin, Liyan Kaiyin, peel and nucleate raw pears, extract 400 ml of juice from the juicer, then boil with 10 grams of ice sugar and 1 fat sea, and take it in 20 minutes. Drinking this juice regularly can moisten the lungs, nourish body fluid and improve the voice of the throat. Boiling water - invigorating the spleen, moistening the lung and relieving cough. This method is easy to make. Slice the raw pear and boil it with ice sugar and Tremella in a boiling water pot. It can play the role of invigorating the spleen, moistening the lung and relieving cough. Ordinarily it can also be eaten as dessert.
Pear and orange peel boiled together have the best effect when cooked, eaten and nourished. Pear and orange peel boiled together can moisten and remove phlegm, regulate qi and relieve cough. Dry pear also produces phlegm due to deficiency, which is characterized by less cough, yellow or white. In this case, when boiling pears, some orange peel can be added, or some bran radish can be put in, boiled with pears, eat pears and drink soup. Pear and black plum boiled together - nourishing yin and moistening lung to relieve cough, prevent and cure dry mouth, nose, pharynx and skin. For those who have a long or severe dry cough, add 10 grams of black plum and liquorice, cook with pear, eat pear and drink soup. This soup tastes sweet and refreshing, and is suitable for children to eat. Chives, ginger and pears are cooked together - Xinwen Jiebiao, removing the cold evil, eliminating the cold and dryness in winter. Dry evil and cold evil are often combined to attack the human body, manifesting as dry cough and runny nose. Patients with such symptoms can add 2-3 slices of ginger and 5-6 segments of onion root to boil pears for 5-6 minutes, eat pears and drink soup, 1-2 times a day.