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These foods are the perfect match for tofu.

01 Tofu with fish: Tofu contains protein deficiency of methionine and lysine, tofu and fish eat together, learn from strengths and complement weaknesses, higher nutritional value. Tofu is rich in calcium, while fish is rich in vitamin D. If the two are eaten together, the human body's absorption of calcium can be increased many times. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the elderly, adolescents and pregnant women.
02 Tofu with kelp: Although the saponins in tofu can promote fat metabolism and prevent atherosclerosis, it is easy to cause iodine deficiency in human body and kelp is rich in iodine. Cooking tofu with kelp is very reasonable.
03 Tofu with radish: Tofu plant protein, eating more will cause indigestion, white radish has the role of promoting digestion, if mixed with tofu, is conducive to the absorption of tofu. Tofu is rich in calcium and radish is free of oxalic acid, which will not hinder the absorption of calcium.