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The Practice of Guiyuan Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea The Function of Guiyuan Jujube Lycium Barbarum Tea

01 Production method: Red dates, dried longan shelled, Chinese wolfberry washed. Put clear water in the pan and fry the dates, dried longan and wolfberry. Soft boiled jujube. If you like sweet, you can mix it with brown sugar according to your taste. Drink while hot.
02_The effects of Guiyuan red jujube and wolfberry tea are as follows:
03 Guiyuan red jujube and wolfberry tea is a good product for tonifying blood and invigorating qi.
04_Lycium barbarum can nourish liver and kidney, clear eyes, moisten lung and resist aging. When boiling longan jujube medlar tea, adding a little medlar can increase the sweet taste and sweet taste of brown sugar. Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar has the effect of invigorating the spleen and warming the stomach, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Appropriate amount of brown sugar water can relieve menstrual pain. Modern science has proved that Lycium barbarum L. is helpful for protecting liver, enhancing hematopoietic function, improving immunity, anti-cancer and strengthening uterus.
05 Jianpi Yiwei: People with weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea and fatigue, eat seven jujubes daily, or share with Codonopsis pilosula and Atractylodes macrocephala, which can supplement Qi, invigorate spleen and stomach, increase appetite and stop diarrhea; Red jujube and ginger, Pinellia ternata can be used together to treat gastritis caused by inadvertent diet, such as stomach distention, vomiting and other symptoms.
06 Jianqi Yangxue: jujube is a good tonic. Jujube is often added to the diet to nourish the body and moisturize Qi and blood. Dr. Andy Sun, an immunologist at Taiwanese University, strongly advocates eating more jujube, longan, jasmine and wolfberry in peacetime, which can enhance the vitality of the body and enhance immunity.
07 nourishing blood and tranquilizing spirit: Female manic depression, crying and restlessness, etc. Use jujube and licorice, wheat together with "Ganmai Dazao Decoction", can play the role of nourishing blood and tranquilizing spirit, soothing liver and relieving depression.