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How to avoid sputum

Many body odor patients are particularly embarrassed because the taste is very pungent. When others pass by, they all have a different look. Therefore, the relationship between these body odor patients is very poor, because this makes him very inferior, the following is a small series.
It is important to pay attention to your personal hygiene. This is the most important thing. The smell of sweat will be bigger and more unpleasant. Therefore, if the weather is very hot, or if you have just finished exercising, you must quickly wipe it off with a wet towel, or
Be sure to take a bath every day, in order to reduce the chance of body odor, and also use disinfectant or go to the hospital to get some medicinal odor, use this bath to prevent the growth of bacteria, so bathing is the most important
Many people think that wearing thick clothes or long sleeves can cover the taste. In fact, this is a big mistake. In this case, sweating is more. It is even more unpleasant, so Xiaobian suggested that these have body odor.
Don't think that you can cover this taste with perfume. In fact, the perfume smell will not cover it but will be more unpleasant.