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Method of Fast Increasing Weight by 20 Kinds

01 Eat more food 1, papaya, fish, meat and fresh milk and other foods rich in protein (protein food), can be healthy fattening. 2. Seeds and nuts such as soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peaches, sesame and millet are effective fattening foods. You may as well eat more. 3. Foods containing vitamin C, such as oranges, grapes (grape food), grapefruit and tomatoes, can prevent body deformation. 4. Foods containing vitamin E, such as celery, walnuts and red kidney beans, contribute to the growth of fat and muscle. Gi 5, broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower seed oil (oil food) and other foods containing vitamin A, are conducive to the secretion of intestinal enzymes digestive enzymes. 6. Foods containing vitamin B, such as beef, milk, beans and pig liver, also help to nourish spleen, stomach, Qi and blood. 7. Milk stewed chicken - stewed with tender chicken and milk, can gain weight (fat food). 8. Drink some soups containing Chinese herbs, such as Ziheche stewed pigeon soup. Materials include Ziheche, Angelica sinensis, Beiqi, jujube and pigeon. Angelica sinensis, jujube and Northern flag supplement qi and blood, while pigeons have the effect of strengthening the body.
02 9. It can also drink carp soup boiled with Polygonatum, Angelica sinensis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Yunling, carp and ginger. Because carp has the effect of strengthening the body, while Atractylodes macrocephala can strengthen the spleen and stomach, combined with the effect of fattening. Ginseng Gui Pig Heart Decoction also has the soup of Invigorating Qi and nourishing blood and increasing fat. 11. The soup of grass products is also popular, such as goat's milk and milk ginseng. It also has dietary therapy for fattening. These two kinds of grass products can strengthen the spleen and stomach, enhance the absorption capacity of the human body, and help the growth of body muscle and fat. 12. Egg Brewing by Wine - Add wine and sugar to cooked eggs and take a bowl sooner or later, which can achieve the effect of beauty (cosmetic food) and weight gain. 13th, Royal Jelly - Continuous use for several months, that can have a certain effect on fattening, because royal jelly helps the secretion of gastrointestinal enzymes and digestive enzymes, and the absorption of gastrointestinal tract is very good. Gill 14, tendons, sea cucumbers and pork feet, which are rich in glia, can increase weight and build up physique. The 11th, 12th and 13th days from menstruation are the best period for gaining weight, and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 247th days are the second best period, because the ovarian estrogen affecting breast fullness is secreted in 24 hours, which is also the best time to stimulate breast fat accumulation and thickening.
03_Fattening recipe 1. Egg fattening method Breakfast: 8 egg whites and 2 egg yolks. After dispersing, pour them into boiling water along the edge of the pot and boil them for 20 seconds and drink with sugar. If you go to the gym, add 1 spoonful of protein powder. 10:00:1 bottle of pure milk, 10 pieces of calcium biscuits. Lunch: 80% rice, chicken breast, meat and fish soup. 3:00: 1 steamed bread, 1 banana protein powder, 1 spoon. Dinner: Oil cakes, fish, chicken, rice, braised meat, fried eggplant. Here we all notice that eggplant absorbs oil easily, and a little shredded meat is a good fattening dish. Add a banana and an apple after dinner and walk for 20 minutes. 2. Onion fried mutton. Onion fried mutton is the favorite of many people. Mutton invigorates Qi and nourishes blood, warm in the middle, warm in nature but not dry. It is a very good nourishing ingredient for tonifying vital energy, treating deficiency and fatigue, tonifying lung and kidney qi, nourishing heart and lung, detoxifying heat and toxicity, and moisturizing skin. If you want to gain weight, you can eat more mutton to nourish your body and improve your health. Ingredients: Sliced mutton (thin)Supplementary materials: onion, egg gill condiment: salt, red pepper, rice wine, starch (corn), vegetable oil gill practices: 1. Sliced mutton into a bowl with salt, egg white, wet starch stir well; 2. Change onion into knife 1. Reserve 2 cm section; 3. Stir an empty bowl with salt, Shaoxing wine and wet starch to make a juice; 4. Put oil into the frying pan, and when it is heated to 60% heat (about 150 C), put mutton slices into the frying pan, spread them with a spoon, and then stir them with onions and quickly remove them; 5. Keep a small amount of oil in the pan, heat them with a strong fire and then put them into the sheep. Stir-fry meat slices, onions and chili peppers.
04 Exercise 1. Dumbbell lifting exercise can make the chest muscles strong, perseverance can effectively achieve the effect of chest enlargement, increase muscle and fat. 2. Breast enlargement exercise - legs apart, hands gripping dumbbells, upper body forward, while back and neck remain straight. Lift the dumbbell up and down to your chest. Inhale when lifted and exhale when lowered. 3. Strengthen chest and abdomen movement - keep neck and waist straight at the same time, then stretch your hands straight, concentrate on the abdomen, exhale and stretch your hands to both sides. Strengthen chest movement --- forward upper body, one hand holding dumbbells, the other hand pressing on the knee to support the body; raise dumbbells to the chest, then hang down, left and right hands do 10 times in turn. _5. Downward oblique push - each hand holds 5 pounds of dumbbells, notice to exhale when pushing up, elbow joint keeps slightly curved, pushing up to about 1 second; when lowering, elbow should keep 90 degrees angle, can do about 12 times continuously. 6. Push in front of the chest - use the triceps muscle of the arm to exert force. At the beginning of school, you should lift about 10 pounds of dumbbells, and pay attention to the back muscles to be locked. _7. Instrument movement - When doing this mechanical chest enlargement exercise, we should pay attention to the slow opening and closing of both hands, not too open, stretching to 180 degrees, otherwise it is easy to pull the chest muscle.