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Effective Method of Increasing Fertility

01 Sleep fattening method: This method can be understood. In fact, we just need to refer to the "two brothers" living habits to know. They only grow so fat after eating and sleeping and eating every day. If you don't get enough sleep, even if you can get fat, it's not healthy. So, during the period of gaining weight, we should ensure enough sleep, not only for your health, but also for your gain.
02_Exercise fattening method (you're right): Exercise fattening method? That's right. It's exercise fattening. Isn't exercise a good way to lose weight? Yes, running can reduce weight, but running can also increase weight, increase healthy and powerful muscles, reduce heavy and useless fat, the two are not contradictory. Believe you've started to gain weight in those big meals and drinks above, but are you getting fat healthy? It's hard to say that you'd better run, eliminate the unhealthy factors caused by gaining weight, and make your life healthier. There are many ways to exercise, such as walking, running, playing ball, swimming and so on. But we should pay attention to a problem, running a little bit less, because if you exercise a lot, it will make your weight loss achievements discarded. The so-called "half a hundred miles" can not let your weight gain plan fail because of exercise.
03 Drug-taking method: Of course, there are other ways to increase fat, such as using fat-increasing drugs and so on. I do not advocate this way. Too simple and easy to get is often not the best. If you want to achieve your goal of healthy weight gain, you need to make some practical efforts. If you want to gain weight by these speculative and ingenious methods, you may lose more than you gain.