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7 kinds of foods make the elderly not afraid of high blood fat

01 Garlic: Garlic, ginger and other foods have always been the best food for cancer prevention, but in addition to this effect, the volatile savory savory contained in garlic can remove the fat accumulated in blood vessels and have a significant effect of lowering cholesterol.
02 Cauliflower: There are two kinds of cauliflower in white and green. The nutritional value of the two kinds of vegetables is basically the same. The cauliflower is low in calories, contains high amounts of dietary fiber, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is also called “the god-given medicine”.
03 Eggplant: Eggplant skin is rich in vitamin P, which can effectively reduce blood lipids and cholesterol. Vitamin P can also increase the elasticity of capillaries, accelerate microcirculation, and have obvious blood circulation and venous action. In addition, the soapy grass in eggplant
04 Carrot: Modern research has found that carrots contain a lot of biological potassium. When potassium enters the blood, it can emulsify the oil in the blood, and at the same time effectively dissolve the \"cholesterol-hardening plaque\" deposited on the blood vessel wall.
05 bitter gourd: bitter melon is bitter and bitter, rich in bitter gourd saponin, can stimulate insulin release, and has very obvious hypoglycemic effect. Balsam pear also contains a lot of vitamin B1, vitamin C and various minerals, which can help regulate blood lipids and improve
06 Celery: Celery is cool, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, can enhance gastrointestinal motility, has a good effect on laxative, and can eliminate excess fat. Studies have shown that people who often eat celery, the body's cholesterol content
07 Oatmeal: Contains very rich linoleic acid, accounting for 35%-52% of all unsaturated fatty acids; vitamin E is also rich in content, and oatmeal contains saponin. They all have the effect of lowering plasma cholesterol concentration.