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Food for nourishing yin and tonifying kidney

01 Yam: Xingping Ping, Weigan, have the spleen, lung, kidney, Yijing merits, whether Yin deficiency, fire or kidney Qi is not solid and yijingzaoxie, should eat more often. Meng Jie, a dietitian in the Tang Dynasty, once said, "Yam benefits husband and helps yin." "Materia Medica of Japanese and Chinese Families" records: "Yam helps the five Zang organs, the main discharge of Jing forgetfulness. "Seeking Truth from Materia Medica" also said: "Yam, originally food, and its astringent xing, can cure Yijing can not help." If you can cooperate with other Kidney-tonifying and Kidney-Fixing Jing foods, such as Qinshi, lotus seeds and so on, take them together, the effect is better.
02 Scutellaria: Xing Ping, sweet and astringent taste, can consolidate kidney astringency Jing, invigorate spleen and stop xie. Doctors in Ming Dynasty called Qinshi "the medicine of Tonifying the spleen and stomach and Gujing qi". "Compendium of Materia Medica" also holds that Qinshi "benefiting the kidney, curing yijing. "Materia Medica from the New" also said: "Qinshi invigorate the spleen and kidney, help Qi astringent Jing, treat dream Yi slippery Jing." Many famous prescriptions for the treatment of yijingzaoxie in ancient times. The experience of "New Edition of Materia Medica" is: "Qinshi is not special for Jing, and can astringent Jing kidney tonic, and used with yam, each for the end of the day, rice seasoning."
03 Nutcracker: It can nourish kidney and strengthen Jing. For nourishing strong food, meat can moisturize and skin can astringent, so kidney deficiency Yijing is suitable for eating. Ming Dynasty doctors said: "Walnuts can enter the kidney to fix Jing". "Puji Fang" records: walnut governance "weak water, strong fire, Jing overflowed." This shows that it is also suitable for yijingzaoxie with heart-kidney disharmony and yin deficiency and fire exuberance. "Royal Pharmacy Prescription" introduced: "Walnut blindly, do not go to the Yellow skin, fasting food, the best Jing.
04 Ginkgo: Ginkgo biloba is also called Ginkgo biloba. Steamed, stir-fried or simmered should be used for yijing. Li Shizhen once said, "Cooked food warms the lungs and invigorates qi, relieves asthma, reduces stool and stops turbidity. Its smell is thin and thick, and its sex is astringent. "Materia Medica Renewal" believes that white fruit "invigorate Qi and nourish heart, tonify kidney and nourish yin". White fruits are often used as food for the treatment of yijing. For example, in Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine, Baiguo "cures yijing, yiliao." "Hunan Pharmacology" introduced: "Zhimengyi: Ginkgo biloba three grains, wine boiled, continuous food for four to five days." One is to use 10 grams of white nuts, fried into water after frying, sugar, even soup, or fried dry grinding powder clothes. The second is to use 2-3 grains of raw white nuts, grind the end, take another egg, open a small hole, stuff the white nuts into the eggs, sealed with paper paste, steamed in a rice pot, eat 1-2 eggs a day.
05. Lotus seeds: plain in in nature, sweet and astringent in taste, can nourish the heart, nourish the kidney, invigorate the spleen, firm and astringent, body deficiency yijingzaoxie per capita should be eaten, especially those yijingling who do not have heart and kidney, eat better. As Li Shizhen, a doctor, said, "Lotus flesh is pure in heart and firm in mind. It is a wonderful way to make heart-kidney intercourse easier by calming down the fire evil between the superior and the subordinate emperors." The so-called "monarch phase fire evil" refers to the heart fire and kidney fire, in terms of heart-kidney disharmony. "Yuliu Pharmaceutical Solution" also said: "Lotus seed Ganping, very beneficial to the spleen and stomach, and astringent nature, the most suitable slippery home, Yijing stool, very effective." Wang Mengying, a famous doctor, also pointed out that "Guxiaojiao, yijing, can be milled to make cakes with flour or cooked with rice as porridge, invigorating the spleen and benefiting the kidney, quite wonderful." In ancient times, Qingxin Lianzi Yin and Ruilian Wan, which were used to treat Yi Jing due to heart and kidney failure, and Lianpusan, which was used to treat "Mengyi Xiejing", were all famous prescriptions based on Lotus seeds.
06 Lotus Seed Heart: For the green germ in the mature lotus seed kernel, folk tea is often used to drink, which has the effect of clearing the heart and stopping yijing. It is the most suitable food for Yijing patients with heart-kidney disharmony and yin deficiency and fire exuberance. For example, "Living at rest diet spectrum" said: "lotus seed heart astringent liquid to stop sweating, calm the mind, stop bleeding and fix Jing." "Tiaobian of Febrile Disease" also said: "Lotus heart, from the heart to the kidney, can make the heart fire down to the kidney, and ring up, can make the kidney water tide in the heart." This is the explanation of the heart-kidney communication of lotus seed. The compendium of medical forestry also introduces a method: "Treating yijing: a pinch of lotus seed heart, for the end, into cinnabar one point." One dollar for each serving, white soup for the second day." This enhances the effect of clearing heart and removing heat.
Lotus whisker: also known as lotus stamen, is the stamen of lotus. It has the functions of clearing the heart, benefiting the kidney and astringency. Suitable for heart-kidney non-intercourse, Yin deficiency and fire exuberance type yijingzaoxie tea frequent drinking. Doctor Li Shizhen said, "Lotus needle is sweet and astringent, clearing heart and stopping bleeding, Tongshen Gujing, treating male kidney xie. "Materia Medica Classic Shu" also considered that lotus beard "the best way to cure dreams Yijing slippery".
Cowpea: It has two merits: one is to strengthen the spleen, the other is to invigorate the kidney. Anyone with kidney deficiency should eat it. Li Shizhen said in the Compendium of Materia Medica: "Cowpea nourishes Qi, invigorates kidney and stomach, and five Zang organs, and produces Jing marrow." "Cowpea nourishes Yin and kidney, invigorates spleen and stomach, and cures kidney deficiency yijing" is also included in the Modern Chronicle of Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine.
09 Baiziren: Peaceful nature, sweet taste, nourishing the heart, calming the mind and improving the intellect, for overwork, loss of heart and blood, trance, loss of mind, loss of nourishment, panic, forgetting yijingzaoxie people, often eat, have the effect of tranquilizing the mind and nourishing the kidney and yin. Therefore, Li Shizhen praised and said: "Baiziren, calm but not cold and dry, sweet and tonic taste, spicy and moist, its fragrance, can penetrate the heart and kidney, benefit the spleen and stomach, covered with medicines, suitable for nourishing agents."
10 Cherry cherry: commonly known as sugar jar, mountain pomegranate. Its fruit is sweet and sour, and it can boil sugar or make wine. It has the effect of astringent Jing Zhiyi. "Beilu" cloud: "Cherry cherry stop yixie." Shu Materia Medica says it is "astringent and jingqi". "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" also said: "Cherry fruit astringent jingyixie." Ancient physicians used cherry fruits in their prescriptions for yijing. There is a prescription in Ming Dynasty Medicine Knows the Palm of the Palm -- "Zhimengyi, Jing is not solid: Cherry in ten jin, cut off the hair, pestle in the mortar, two liters of water, decoct into ointment for serving." "Food, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Recipe" also introduced the treatment of "yijingzaoxie: 1,500 grams of cherry fruit, crushed in mortar, decocted three times with water, dregs removed, filtered and then deep-fried, with honey ointment, take a spoonful daily when sleeping, rinse with boiling water".