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What is the price of metal braces and full porcelain braces?

01 1 The damage of the teeth is basically caused by tooth decay. Because the oral cleaning is not in place, the bacteria will grow badly. It will easily cause tooth decay after a long time. Generally, if the patient's tooth decay is not serious and timely treatment is required.
02 2 Many patients do not pay attention to the appearance of tooth decay after the tooth decay. When the tooth nerve is damaged, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment. At this time, doctors often recommend root canal treatment, that is, nerve removal, so that it will not cause pain.
03 3 Whether it is tooth decay or tooth extraction or tooth deformity needs to be removed, doctors usually recommend artificial dentures. There are many types of artificial dentures, there are many materials and the effect is very good after loading. The most used metal braces and
04 Teeth is our indispensable human tissue, so it is very important to protect the health of the teeth. Daily care, remember to clean the mouth after each meal, if you have mild cavities and gingivitis, you must go to the hospital in time.