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22, can you really lose weight by eating ice cream?

01 1I can't lose weight by eating ice cream. Eating ice cream can cause people's body heat to increase and increase fat. The calories in ice cream are very high. People eating ice cream for a long time can cause fat accumulation in people's small stomach, so in order to lose weight.
02 2 Some people can use fat burning drugs to lose weight. This kind of medicine is related to the metabolism of people's fat. When people's body lacks chromium, it is effective to use the income-reducing drugs to lose weight. People can also use St. John's wort.
03 3 People can balance the yin and yang in people's body through acupuncture. Acupuncture can also regulate people's own organs and have a good effect on the operation of blood. People's meridians can be effectively removed, and acupuncture is also effective.
04 Acupuncture treatment is very safe to lose weight. Unlike some diet pills, when people use it, there will be many side effects. People should be cautious when choosing diet pills, or follow the doctor's advice to eat some diet pills.