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Look out! Risk of seafood and river food

01 Parasitic parasites in aquatic delicacies can never be ignored
02. The risk of environmental pollutants, bacterial and viral parasites, can be solved by heating. The pollution of aquatic products can not be solved by heating. Because the aquaculture environment may be polluted by water quality, aquatic products soaked in water every day will inevitably absorb the pollutants, and the pollution concentration will increase more than ten times as the level of food chain rises, which is an external cause. On the other hand, aquatic products such as crustaceans and shellfish have the characteristics of enriching some heavy metal elements in the water. Once the pollution is doubled, the seafood and river food may become tens of millions of times the pollution.
03 Food allergy From a worldwide perspective, crustacean aquatic products, together with fish, eggs and milk, are the most easily allergic animal foods. For Chinese residents, aquatic products such as shrimp and crab are the most susceptible food categories for adults to allergies.
04. Pathogenic microorganisms checked the domestic news and found that many pathogenic bacteria were found in crabs, shrimps and shellfish, as well as viruses with strong pathogenicity such as Norovirus.
05. Too much seafood and river food may cause gout and increase the burden of liver and kidney. There is a close relationship between the intake of seafood and the risk of gout. Because the excessive intake of these foods will bring a lot of protein, people with impaired liver and kidney function should be strictly limited, and absolutely can not eat freely.