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Some fruits increase moisture in the body

01. Humidity in the air is heavy, people are prone to appetite loss, sleepiness and fatigue and other discomfort symptoms, especially in patients with spleen deficiency, digestive system symptoms will increase, such as anorexia, Qi deficiency, heavy limbs.
02 What fruit aggravates moisture in the body? Gill watermelon, cantaloupe, pear and cucumber are all moisture-retaining fruits, which easily cause moisture deposition in the body and aggravate the symptoms of dampness and heat.
03 The patients with spleen deficiency should eat more food which is easy to absorb and digest. They can eat more winter melon and balsam pear. The winter melon can drain and dehumidify, and the balsam pear can nourish the spleen and appetite. Drinking boiled water is also a simple and easy way to "relieve dampness". It can timely replenish the water lost in the body after sweating, and has the function of clearing away heat and relieving heat.