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What are the causes of bad breath?

01 1 Bad breath caused by poor stomach function. The reason for this situation is that many foods entering the stomach are not digested according to the natural process, and the amount of spoilage in the stomach increases, causing bad breath caused by excessive stomach fire. Therefore, the treatment method is to improve the stomach.
02 2 Bad breath caused by poor intestinal function. If the intestinal function is not good, the motility is not strong. Many foods that enter the intestine from the stomach cannot attract nutrients. Naturally, the accumulation of the intestines will not be discharged quickly.
03 3 oral hygiene attention. I have to remind you that you should never stick chewing gum to treat bad breath. It is a way to prevent the problem. There are a lot of undigested substances in the gap of the mouth, or too many bacteria in the mouth.
04 The treatment of bad breath, in addition to personal attention to food hygiene, the most important point is to go to the hospital for examination, understand the reasons, the right medicine, it will be easy to recover quickly.