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Food with strong oil scraping effect

Nowadays, obesity and hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases caused by obesity are becoming more and more common. As the saying goes, diseases come from the mouth, and the occurrence of these diseases is inseparable from our daily eating habits. To prevent these diseases, we should first start with obesity and see what we can eat to "scrape oil".
Oat is a well-known good roughage because it is rich in dietary fiber, and its unique dietary fiber has the effect of reducing cholesterol and lipid, which is not found in other foods.
Corn is also a kind of food which we are familiar with and loved. Corn is rich in mineral elements and vitamins. Frequent consumption of corn oil can also reduce cholesterol and soften blood vessels.
Yam I believe you are also familiar with, Henan Tieguan Yam also has the efficacy of medication. Ordinary Chinese yam, which contains mucin, can prevent the deposition of fat in the cardiovascular system, thus maintaining the vascular elasticity of the cardiovascular system, preventing atherosclerosis, and of course, preventing obesity.
For people who are already obese, you can't just think about scraping oil from food. After formulating a healthy diet plan, you should also mix with good exercise habits. Keep a certain amount of exercise every day to consume the body's stored fat.