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Vegetables eaten by mistake can also cause disease.

Often eat tomatoes before meals should be eaten after meals. In this way, the mixture of stomach acid and food can greatly reduce the acidity, avoid stomach dilatation caused by increased intragastric pressure, and make the baby produce abdominal pain, stomach discomfort and other symptoms.
02 Mix carrots and radishes to make paste. Do not grind carrots and radishes together to make paste. Because carrots contain enzymes that can destroy vitamin C, which can completely destroy vitamin C in carrots.
03 Lentinus edodes washed too clean or soaked in water contain ergotzil, which will be converted to vitamin D after receiving sunlight. But if you wash or soak in water before eating, you will lose a lot of nutrients. When boiling mushrooms, iron or copper pots should not be used to avoid nutritional losses.
04 Excessive consumption of carotene, although carotene is very nutritious for babies, but also pay attention to appropriate consumption. Babies who drink too much vegetable and fruit juice made of carrots or tomatoes may cause carrotemia, which can turn the skin of face and hands into orange-yellow, appetite deprivation, mental instability, restlessness, and even sleep disturbance, accompanied by night surprise, crying, dreaming and so on.
05. Beware of the traditional idea that carotene abuse can cause cancer: Supplementary carotene can not only reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and cataracts, but also prevent cancer. But in recent years, many tests have found that the incidence of lung cancer in the beta-carotene group is 28% higher than that in the normal control group. Nutritionist analysis: Supplementary physiological dose (5 mg/day) of carotene does have an anti-cancer effect, and excessive intake of carotene will prevent vitamin A binding to the corresponding receptors, thereby preventing the transformation of tumor suppressor genes, the result is not anti-cancer but to the contrary. To this end, the human body only needs to supplement the physiological dose of carotene, and must not arbitrarily increase the dose of overdose, usually only need to eat natural foods rich in beta carotene, such as animal liver, milk, carrots, leek, tea and so on.
Oxalic acid in balsam pear and balsam pear, which has not been boiled in boiling water, can interfere with calcium absorption in food. Therefore, before eating, balsam pear should be boiled in boiling water to remove oxalic acid. Babies who need a lot of calcium should not eat too much balsam pear.
07 Giving babies too much spinach and spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, so it is not appropriate to give babies too much. Oxalic acid can form calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate with calcium and zinc in human body. It is not easy to absorb and expel from the body. It affects the absorption of calcium and zinc in the intestinal tract. Oxalic acid can easily lead to calcium and zinc deficiency in babies, bone and teeth dysplasia, and also affect intellectual development.
08 Eat uncooked bean sprouts and bean sprouts tender and delicious, nutritious, but eat must be cooked. Otherwise, there will be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other adverse reactions after eating.
Leek becomes poisonous overnight after being cooked and stored for too long. Leek is best eaten now, not for a long time. If stored for too long, a large amount of nitrate will be converted into nitrite, causing toxic reactions. In addition, baby indigestion can not eat leek.
10_Cook green leafy vegetables for a long time. It is not appropriate to cook green leafy vegetables for a long time. Otherwise, nitrate in green leafy vegetables will be converted into nitrite, which can easily cause food poisoning in babies.
11. Most of the frozen vegetables boiled for too long have been rinsed, so it is not necessary to boil for too long, otherwise they will rot and lose a lot of nutrition.