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How to solve the bad breath problem?

01 1 When you get up in the morning, it is the worst time for bad breath. It is because the long-term fasting at night causes the bacteria in the body to multiply too quickly and produce more malignant substances. So don’t take too long an empty stomach, you must have breakfast, no
02 2 Brush your teeth carefully after getting up early. Don't forget to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth. The tongue coating is the place where the most bacteria are hidden. After three meals, remember to rinse your mouth. You can use salt water to rinse your mouth. You can also use the mouthwash that is on the market to gargle. They
03 3 People with bad breath should not be too irritating, and a light diet can help regulate the gastrointestinal tract, thus fundamentally eliminating the source of bad breath.
04 Keep your mouth moist, drink plenty of water, and drink some light salt water.