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How can we effectively increase fat?

01 1 First of all, in the diet, you must eat well, what is called eating well, is high protein and high fat food intake, of course, like some vitamins are also ingested, otherwise it has an impact on the body, here is high
02 2 There is rest is a good rest. There is no good sleep to increase fat, playing a less appropriate analogy is the same life as a pig to eat well, do not stay up late, stay up all night is not good, generally
03 3 There is still to exercise, maybe someone will doubt, why should the thin man exercise, in addition to life is in addition to sports, actually thin people often exercise and fat is not the same effect, often exercise thinner looks more full
04 There should be some milk powder that is sold in the market. Fertilizers are not recommended because they are not necessary, but if there are some whole fat fattening powders, it is recommended to drink some because it is easy to gain weight.