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The best age for children's whole teeth

01 1 Generally speaking, the best age for children's whole teeth is around 12 years old. At this time, the deciduous teeth have completely disappeared, the permanent teeth are basically finished, and the jaw plasticity is relatively large. Therefore, the effect of the whole tooth at around 12 years old
02 2 Now the child is full-bodied and eats less coarse grains. Therefore, if the deciduous teeth are not lost, the permanent teeth will appear out early, but the deciduous teeth are not vacant, and the permanent teeth slowly grow up, affecting the children.
03 3 In order to avoid long teeth, in addition to ensuring the child's nutrient-rich life, it is necessary to let the children eat more crude fiber foods, such as various coarse grains and vegetables, which is good for children.
04 Dental health is about the child's growth, so parents and friends should take the child to a regular hospital or clinic for examination and treatment. Do not go to some unqualified small clinics because of the cheaper map, delay treatment.