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What food does kidney yin deficiency eat?

01 Dog meat: Temperature, salty taste, in addition to tonifying the role of Qi, but also warm the kidney and Yang, so Kidney Yang deficiency, weak waist and knee or cold pain, the most appropriate food. Gill Sheep Bone: Temperature, sweet taste, can tonify the kidney and strengthen muscles and bones. For kidney deficiency, strain, lumbar and knee weakness, cold, muscle and bone contracture pain, the most appropriate food. Gill pig kidney: plain sex, salty taste. Those who suffer from low back pain, night sweat and deafness and tinnitus due to kidney deficiency should be eaten regularly. Cordyceps militaris: Genital warmth, sweet taste, has the function of tonifying kidney and lung, is a kind of precious medicinal herbs for tonifying Yin and yang. Those with kidney deficiency are most likely to use Cordyceps militaris * meat such as pig lean meat, chicken or duck and so on.
02 Sesame: Ganping has the function of tonifying liver and kidney and moistening five Zang organs. Especially those with kidney deficiency have soft waist, sour legs, dizziness and tinnitus, withered hair and early grey hair, dry stool, which is the most suitable food. Millet: also known as millet, millet. It can nourishing kidney qi. Cowpea: also known as rice beans, long beans. It has the functions of tonifying kidney and invigorating spleen. It is also suitable for frequent urination due to kidney deficiency. Gill Bovine Bone Marrow: Gill has the function of moistening lung, tonifying kidney and benefiting marrow. It is especially suitable for those with deficiency of kidney and thin, and deficiency of sperm and blood. Gill sea cucumber: mild, salty, although soft texture, but can tonify the kidney Yang Qi, kidney Yin and kidney Yang double tonic products. Therefore, anyone with kidney deficiency should eat it. Braised Vegetables: Braised Vegetables have the functions of tonifying liver and kidney and enriching blood. People with kidney deficiency and thin, hot and tired bones steaming, dizziness, night sweat and low back pain are most suitable to eat. Gill scallop: Gill is also called Jianghong pillar. Sex is flat, taste sweet and salty, can nourish kidney and nourish yin, so kidney yin deficiency should be eaten regularly. Gill bass: also known as perch, perch. It can not only invigorate the spleen and stomach, but also invigorate the liver and kidney and strengthen the bones and muscles. Anyone with deficiency of liver and kidney yin or spleen or weak stomach is suitable. Gill walnut: mild, sweet, not only can tonify the lung and stop asthma, but also can tonify the kidney and essence, but also can moisten the intestine and relieve constipation. Suitable for people with asthma due to kidney deficiency, low back pain, feet weakness, frequent urination and dry stool. Gill Yam: Gentle, sweet, for Chinese medicine "top-quality" medicine, in addition to the role of Tonifying the lung, invigorating the spleen, but also enrich the kidney and essence. Lycium barbarum L.: It has the functions of tonifying kidney, nourishing liver, nourishing astringency, strengthening muscles and bones, relieving back pain, prolonging life and so on. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people with kidney deficiency, the most appropriate food.