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Eat less of these foods after the Mid-Autumn Festival

01 Although eating fruits and melons in summer season does not cause spleen and stomach diseases, it has reduced the resistance of intestines and stomach to diseases. If we eat fruits and melons in large quantities after autumn, it will surely help damp the Spleen-Yang and damp the spleen-yang. If the Spleen-Yang is not vigorous enough to transport water and dampness, diarrhea, feces and other symptoms will occur accordingly. Therefore, after autumn, we should eat less fruits and melons, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold. At the same time, the autumn air is dry and the skin begins to feel tense. This is called autumn dryness. We often hear that in autumn we need to "moisten dryness to nourish body fluid" and "nourish yin", which actually refers to the maintenance of the lungs. Because autumn dryness and autumn wind can easily damage delicate lungs, especially those who have bad lungs, such as those with chronic bronchitis, and some foods that are often eaten in summer, it is time to avoid eating.
In autumn dry season, people should eat less or no spicy food, such as pepper, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, onion, garlic and wine, especially ginger. These foods are hot and lose a lot of moisture in cooking. They are easy to catch fire after eating. Of course, using a small amount of onion, ginger, pepper as condiments is not a big problem, but don't eat often and eat more. In addition, hot pots and barbecues with many materials can not be eaten more, otherwise they are easy to burn.