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Three points that should be known to correct teeth

01 1 Doctor's level. When choosing orthodontics, the doctor's choice is very important, because his experience and level largely determine the success or failure of the correction. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a regular hospital or dental clinic.
02 2 Choose the right method. There are many methods of orthodontics, such as active active orthodontics, orthodontic invisible appliance correction, etc. It is the most important to choose the right teeth, and it has nothing to do with the price. The principle is: only
03 3 Post-surgery work. After correction, be sure to keep your teeth clean and healthy. For example, you should brush your teeth regularly. It is best not to eat hard food and things. Change some bad habits, such as using your tongue to lick yourself.
04 In fact, if the teeth are only a little irregular, not deformed, they do not have to be surgically corrected. Because, correction is risky after all.