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Best 9 prime time for good sex

01 Lazy morning: This time is at the top of the best sex time. Expert analysis: Early morning is the most “matching” period between male and female libido. After a night of rest, men and women have strong sexual hormone secretion and strong sexual desire. Especially for men.
02 Saturday night: After a full day of rest, the partner's physical condition has recovered. 23% of the readers choose to have sex on Saturday night. Expert analysis: The busy work of nine to five makes the couples exhausted, Monday to Friday.
03 Stormy Night: The rhythm of the storm outside the window and the occasional thunder can just be a reference for the violent degree of sex. It is best to turn off the light. Ignore the vision, the touch will become extremely sensitive. Expert analysis: People are easier in rainy weather
04 Noon Time: Whether it is lunch break or leisure time on Sunday afternoon, the afternoon sex experience will always be unforgettable. After the deep kiss, everything goes with the flow. Expert analysis: 2-4 pm, is the man in the day to the opposite sex
05 Before work: There is nothing more fascinating than the “fast food” sex before the morning meeting. Women wear short skirts that are easy to make love, saving time. Expert analysis: Performing an exquisite sex before work can help reduce stress, refresh and increase
06 Midnight Car Shock: Try different locations and scenes to add some extra “seasoning” to your sex life. Put on a hot short skirt and sit in the passenger's position with your partner and enjoy yourself. Expert analysis: There are two things men
07 Brilliant Starry Sky: In a romantic environment, let the husband lie on the ground first, and the wife lies on her husband's body and enters from behind. The two look at the stars and enjoy the pleasure. Expert analysis: brilliant starry sky, fresh air
08 Bathing together: naked stimulation, relieved the stress of the day, which means that this moment is the best choice for sex. Expert analysis: taking a hot bath together can make people relax, while stimulating sexual desire. But be careful, the water temperature should not be too