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How to make delicious carambola

01 Hawthorn carambola jelly ingredients: carambola 1. Seasoning: Fish gum powder 15g. Practice: 1. Prepare a bottle of Hawthorn canned with appropriate amount of carambola; 2. First add a small amount of cold water into the fish gum powder, soak for 20 minutes, then melt in water. After cooling, pour the juice into the canned hawthorn, stirring evenly; 3. Carambola slices row in the mould; 4. Place the Hawthorn in the abrasive tool of the arranged carambola; 5. Pour the prepared hawthorn juice into the mould, the juice should cover the hawthorn, and then put it into the refrigerator for freezing; 6. After solidification, buckle and release the mould.
Main ingredients of carambola wine: 2 carambola, appropriate amount of liquor. Seasoning: Suitable amount of ice sugar. Practice: 1. Carambola two wash and drain, slice, very beautiful star; 2. pack carambola, put ice sugar, pour wine soak face; 3, a month later, carambola becomes yellow, very beautiful golden yellow, just like when carambola is ripe. Tips: 1. Why use green carambola? Yellow carambola is usually soft in skin and flesh. After soaking, the wine is turbid, while green carambola will turn yellow after soaking, and the wine color is also very eye-catching golden. 2. Carambola cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold or diarrhea people should eat less.
03 Carambola apple salad ingredients: carambola 200g, apple 200g. Seasoning: 100g salad dressing. Practice: 1. First, after cleaning the carambola, soak it in salt water for about 5-10 minutes; 2. Then peel the apple and cut it into blocks; 3. Cut the carambola into blocks and set the shape on the plate; 4. Mix the cut apple with salad dressing and pour it into the plate.