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What is the effect of toothache?

01 1 It is generally considered that if it is a toothache caused by a fire or a viral infection, it may be considered to take the treatment of metronidazole. It is better to treat the pain quickly, and the effect is very good.
02 2 Considering the situation of toothache caused by tooth decay, it is better to deal with it in time, and must pay attention to anti-inflammatory treatment, and must pay attention to the hygiene of the teeth. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening and be sure to pay attention to snacks at night.
03 3 General gingivitis considers that it is better to further treat it while reducing inflammation. Generally, it can be treated with Tonian San. It is better to control it well, and it is also necessary to pay attention to not eating spicy stimulation.
04 Consider that you must pay attention to a lot of toothaches because of the situation caused by getting angry or staying up late. It is better to pay attention to timely treatment, and you must pay more attention to rest, not tired.