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How to drink honey

01 The best time to drink honey: Pay attention to the best time to drink honey is one hour before meal or two hours after meal. A day can be divided into three periods: morning, afternoon and evening to drink separately. Drinking a cup of honey water in the morning can effectively supplement the energy needed by the human body. Drinking honey in the afternoon can alleviate fatigue, refresh the mind and improve work efficiency. Drinking honey at night can regulate the intestines and stomach, soothe the mind and improve the quality of sleep.
02 Don't use boiling water to wash honey: warm boiling water or cool boiling water should be used to wash honey. Because water with too high temperature can destroy the nutrients in honey.
03 The best match for honey - lemon and milk: If you have an uncomfortable voice, you can eat honey directly, and your voice will soon recover. But if you just use honey as a drink, then you'd better mix lemon and milk. These two combinations not only nourish your face, but also help honey to play its greatest role in promoting tissue and cell regeneration.