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What is the tea therapy for weight loss?

01 Roses not only have a cosmetic effect, but also a cellulite effect. This rose tea is used once or twice a week, but don't be greedy and too much, it will get angry. Practice: Add 3 dried roses to the cup.
02 The following tea is cold and cold, and it can't be drunk too often, especially during menstruation. Everyone should pay attention to it. Practice: Put a proper amount of rhubarb and green tea in the cup, boiled in water. Slimming rhubarb green tea.
03 Finally, introduce a drink to compare. Practice: Go to the pharmacy to buy hawthorn, dried tangerine peel, ebony, psyllium, Polygonum multiflorum, licorice about two grams each. After returning, use a casserole and water to cook. Three bowls of water can be boiled into a bowl of water.