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What taboos should we pay attention to when eating sweet potatoes

01. Sweet potatoes and persimmons should not be eaten at the same time in a short period of time. If there is a large amount of food, it should be at least five hours apart. If eaten at the same time, sweet potato sugar fermentation in the stomach, will increase the secretion of gastric acid, and persimmon tannin, pectin reaction precipitation and condensation, produce lumps, the amount of serious can cause gastrointestinal bleeding or cause gastric ulcer. If you feel stomach discomfort, you must go to the hospital to do gastroscopy to see if there is gastric bleeding or ulcer.
02. When should sweet potatoes be eaten? Sweet potatoes lack protein and lipid, so they should be eaten together with vegetables, fruits and protein foods to avoid nutritional imbalance. Most importantly, sweet potatoes are best eaten at the prime time of lunch. This is because after eating sweet potatoes, the calcium content needs to be absorbed in the human body for 4 to 5 hours, and the afternoon sunlight can promote the absorption of calcium. In this case, eating sweet potatoes at lunch can absorb all the calcium before dinner, which will not affect the absorption of calcium in other foods during dinner.