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How much is the lordosis correction?

01 1 The main function of orthodontics is to correct the irregular teeth, protrusions or concave teeth on the same horizontal line, so patients with teeth protrusion can achieve aesthetic effects through plastic surgery.
02 2 Many patients are equally concerned about how much money is needed for orthodontics, but I can't give a definitive answer to this question. Because there are too many factors affecting this, the severity of the patient's condition needs to be extracted.
03 3 These factors will affect the cost of treatment, and when the treatment, the doctor will let you choose whether to use imported materials or domestic materials, the gap between the two is also very large, so can not give patients a
04 The process of correction is long, and the patient may need to endure the pain, so the patient should do psychological construction before treatment. A formal dental hospital is very important, so patients must not be cheap, if you need tooth extraction, pay attention to nutrition