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Dental pain, there is a lump on the left face, what is going on?

01 1This net friend is hello, I am very glad to have the opportunity to help you answer this question. I also hope that my answer can help you. If you don’t treat it in time, it will become more and more serious, not only will it
02 2 Like the above-mentioned patients, this was originally a toothache, but there was a swelling and pain in the face, and there was a swelling of the baby. This may be due to inflammation, and of course it may be other reasons.
03 3 toothache is not a small problem, so I suggest that patients should take time to go to the hospital for further examination, and then to treat, because in general, it is not a toothache, it will not heal, it will be cured.
04 And if the toothache is not treated in time, it may cause some other diseases in the mouth, so the consequences are also very serious, or you should go to the hospital to seek the help of the doctor, early treatment and early recovery.