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Which soups can't be drunk in the evening?

01. The special nutrients and collagen in Paigu Decoction can promote microcirculation. The 10-year-old of 50-59 years old is the turning point of microcirculation from prosperity to decline. Bone aging is fast. Drinking more bone soup can get the effect that drugs can not achieve.
02 Gill fish soup anti-asthma fish soup contains a special fatty acid, it has anti-inflammatory effect, can treat pulmonary and respiratory inflammation, prevent asthma attacks, children with asthma is the most effective.
03 Gill chicken soup anti-cold chicken soup, especially the special nutrients in hen soup, can accelerate the blood circulation of throat and bronchial membranes, enhance mucus secretion, remove respiratory virus in time, relieve cough, dry throat, sore throat and other symptoms. When making chicken soup, you can put some kelp, mushrooms and so on.
When boiling beef soup with tomatoes in beef soup, one or two tomatoes can increase the content of lycopene in the soup, and the fruit acid can tenderize beef fiber and make the meat more delicious.
Pork's hoof soup should not be eaten frequently because the collagen in it can't absorb completely, which will cause trouble to the gastrointestinal digestive system. Even if you want to eat it, you should cook it with vegetables and lotus root.