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What's the advantage of soaking wolfberry in water?

01. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide can protect experimental liver injury, reduce serum glutamic-pyruvic aminotransferase, and promote the repair of liver injury. Wang Deshan studied the dose-effect relationship and toxicity of Lycium barbarum against experimental hyperlipidemia. The results showed that Lycium barbarum could inhibit the deposition of fat in hepatocytes and promote the regeneration of hepatocytes.
02_Lycium barbarum L. can improve human immunity, alleviate the toxic and side effects of cyclophosphamide in anti-cancer treatment, promote the recovery of hematopoietic function, increase the number of peripheral blood white cells, and protect the body.
03_Anti-aging Lycium barbarum contains rich antioxidant substances, such as Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, beta-carotene, vitamin E, selenium and flavonoids, which have good antioxidant effect. Lycium barbarum L. can resist free radical peroxidation and reduce free radical peroxidation damage, thus helping to delay aging and prolong life.
04 Ganping, the flavor of Chinese wolfberry for nourishing liver and kidney, is believed by traditional Chinese medicine to nourish liver and kidney, enrich astringency and eyesight, nourish blood and enhance people's immunity. For modern people, the most practical effect of Lycium barbarum is anti-fatigue and lowering blood pressure. In addition, Lycium barbarum L. can protect liver, reduce blood sugar, soften blood vessels, reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and has a certain effect on patients with fatty liver and diabetes. According to clinical medical validation, Lycium barbarum L. can also treat chronic renal failure.
05 Cosmetic often eat wolfberry can beautify, which many people do not know. This is because Lycium barbarum can improve the ability of skin to absorb oxygen, in addition, it can also play a whitening role.