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Honey, 4 kinds of people don't drink.

01. Liver cirrhosis patients can not drink honey. Generally speaking, hepatitis B patients are very suitable to drink honey, because the monosaccharides provided by honey do not need liver decomposition and synthesis, which can reduce the burden of the liver, but liver cirrhosis patients can not drink honey, because it will aggravate liver fibrosis.
02 Diabetics can not take honey gills per 100 grams of honey carbohydrates, about 35 grams of glucose, 40 grams of fructose, about 2 grams of sucrose, about 1 gram of dextrin. Glucose and fructose are monosaccharides, which can be directly absorbed into the blood without digestion after entering the intestine, thus raising blood sugar. Sucrose and dextrin can be absorbed slightly after hydrolysis. Therefore, the effect of honey on raising blood sugar is particularly obvious. From this point of view, people with diabetes can not take honey.
03 When taking medicine for a cold, you can't take it with honey. Most people will cough when they have a cold, and honey has the effect of stopping cough. So many people will drink honey when they have a cold to relieve cough symptoms. Experts remind you that cold medicine is best not to drink with honey. Honey has the function of moistening lung and relieving cough. It is suitable for dry lung and cough. If you cough less phlegm, or less phlegm and sticky, or dry cough without phlegm, you can drink honey. But if you are taking antipyretics or cold medicines containing antipyretic ingredients, you should not take honey at the same time. Many cold medicines, such as Tylenol, Quick, Ganlick and Ganmaoqing, contain paracetamol, an antipyretic and analgesic drug. When it meets honey, it forms a complex, which affects the absorption rate of the body, thus weakening the antipyretic effect.
04. Babies under one year of age should not eat honey, which is rich in nutrition and a good diet for the public. Many new mothers also add honey to baby's supplements to regulate taste and increase nutritional value. However, experts point out that infants under one year old are not suitable for honey.