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Why is it easier for a house girl to gain weight?

01 1 House girl must have a lot of snacks. As a senior housewife, this is the case, every time there will be a lot of snacks at home, buy a big bag after eating, and then you can not go out for a few days. These snacks contain
02 2 The house girl is less active. The reason why the house girl is called a house girl is because she doesn't like to go out, what do she do at home. In addition to being in front of the computer, she is in front of the TV, so that the ass sticks almost all day long.
03 3 The house girl is not regular. It is said that a healthy body depends on regular life and eating habits. However, the house girl does not have a satisfaction. She sleeps every day, sleeps when she is hungry, and never follows the law.
04 The house girl occasionally has to go out and get in touch with nature. It can't be separated from the society for too long. The house is too long to be physically and mentally bad.