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Does periodontitis need medication for washing your teeth?

01 1 Periodontitis is popular. The dirt and bacteria around the teeth accumulate much, so it causes inflammation of the teeth. Therefore, the dentist uses anti-inflammatory needles to reduce inflammation. In fact, it is said that the bacteria around the teeth are removed. This is probably the principle.
02 2 But in fact, the dentist's anti-inflammatory is only on the surface of the teeth, the periodontal has been inflamed, or the medicine has to be used for anti-inflammatory. The two work together to reduce inflammation and are less likely to recur. If it has been recurring, then you can consider
03 3 After periodontitis is no longer painful, the medicine can be eaten one or two more times, and then completely anti-inflammatory and then stop the medicine. At the same time, pay attention to diet, be light, hot, hot, and irritating.
04 periodontitis is a bad meal, can not sleep well, so the best way is not to let the periodontal inflammation, prevention-based. Usually treat the teeth well, brush your teeth carefully, morning and evening, each time 2-3