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What is wrong with teeth bleeding?

01 1 The bleeding of the teeth is likely to be suffering from periodontal disease, because periodontal disease is the main cause of tooth bleeding. If inflammation occurs in the periodontal tissue, it will cause redness and ulceration of the gums, which may cause bleeding.
02 2 Dental bleeding may be caused by fire in the mouth. Because some people eat a lot of irritating food, or eat too much cold drink, these will cause fire. As a result, dental swelling and soreness can cause oral gums.
03 3 tooth bleeding at this time to pay more attention to the diet, do not eat those spicy and irritating food. Also develop a good personal habits, brush your teeth every day, it is best to brush twice a day. Patients should eat more fresh
In short, we must pay attention to the maintenance of oral hygiene, and secondly, we must pay attention to the cultivation of eating habits. If we can adhere to these two points every day, we can achieve our oral health. Have a good habit.