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Can bad breath be eradicated?

01 1 First of all, we must find the cause of bad breath, some are bad breath caused by gastroenteritis, gastrointestinal gas will cause bad breath. So eat some drugs, go to fire or go to the fire. For example, the bezoar supernatant goes to the fire.
02 2 bad breath must find the root cause, some bad breath is caused by oral diseases. For example, some people do not pay attention to hygiene, do not pay attention every day, brush your teeth twice. So it will cause oral bacterial disease, causing bad breath. Then you need
03 3 Some people's bad breath and the diet are closely related. For example, some people often eat some food that is not easy to digest, or eat some onion foods will also cause bad breath. So be sure to pay attention to after eating these, give
04 Usually pay attention to maintain your own oral hygiene. Stick to your teeth every morning and evening. You can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat more foods rich in vitamins. Don't eat cold and spicy food.