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Those who often stay up late should drink these tea.

The purpose of health preservation of tea ceremony is health, longevity, happiness and happiness, which is the eternal pursuit of mankind. Tea ceremony in China is not only the art of drinking tea, but also the art of life. Tea becomes hot and people fade away. In ancient China, people often drank tea to cultivate their morality. Similarly, tea requires tranquility, that is, in the absence of distractions, slowly watching the tea in the cup sink and fall, and savoring the light taste of tea, so that the taste of tea in the throat, the mood will be different. People who often stay up late can drink chrysanthemum wolfberry tea and go to the fire.
If it is a woman, you can drink rose tea, brew about ten dried roses with hot water, add honey to it, rose tea can improve endocrine disorders, promote blood circulation, regulate diuresis, prevent wrinkles, prevent frostbite, beauty, so it is good for women to drink rose tea in winter.
In order to drink rose flower tea, add rose flower tea to green leaves and then put it into a cup, boil it for two minutes, and drink it twice a day. Rose has the obvious effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving swelling and pain, and promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, which can be used to treat irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.
Rose Pu'er Tea can be drunk. Pu'er Tea can be put into a cup, poured into boiling boiling water to brew the first cup of tea, poured into roses, poured into boiling water to brew, etc. After the water temperature becomes cool, add a proper amount of honey to mix and drink. Rose Pu'er Tea can relieve chest tightness, relieve tension, and warm the stomach. Use. It's especially good for people who often stay up late.
Similarly, there are many people, such as those who sit still all day and rarely exercise, who can drink more green tea and scented tea. Black tea is the best choice for people with deficiency and cold constitution or frequent stomachache and excessive stomach acid. Smokers should drink more green tea. People who can't lift their spirits without meat should drink oolong tea regularly. So we must consider our actual situation.