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What are the common causes of periodontitis?

01 1 Many patients with periodontitis are not paying attention to the health care of their teeth in normal life. Generally, some plaque on the teeth will cause periodontitis. The plaque refers to some microorganisms attached to the teeth.
02 2 When the teeth are injured in the occlusion, for example, the excessive force will affect the maximum endurance of the periodontal tissue, which will lead to occlusion damage in the periodontal tissue, which will lead to periodontitis.
03 3 When the lack of vitamin C in the body will also affect the health of the teeth, the symptoms of bleeding will often be seen when brushing your teeth in the morning. Long-term lack of vitamin C can also cause periodontitis.
04 In normal times, you need to do more mouthwash work to keep your mouth clean.