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I want to gain weight, what should I eat?

01 1 Because of poor appetite, poor digestion, often do not want to eat, lack of nutrition or poor sleep caused by weight loss to increase fat, you must first adjust the spleen and stomach and mental state, food, eat more squid, red dates, yam and other spleen
02 2 In addition, you can use a diet that eats less and eat more meals. You can change the number of meals per day to 5-6 meals. The food is mainly foods that are easy to digest, have high sugar content and high protein content, and gradually improve various nutrients.
03 3 For those who rarely eat snacks, you can add some snacks you want to eat after meals to increase appetite such as biscuits, chocolate, raisins, mung bean cakes, candy, cola, etc. Eat two fried, tender poached eggs every morning.
04 For people who want to gain weight through food, usually pay attention to diet is not too single, maintain a balanced diet, and exercise properly, otherwise it may be just \"puffiness\"; eat less fried food and too sweet and greasy food