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What are the manifestations of tooth aging?

01 1 Our teeth are mainly chewing. When the teeth are aging, the teeth are a little loose first. When eating, they don’t dare to chew hard food. When drinking cold water, the teeth will feel sore, and when eating hot food, the teeth will also be
02 2 When accompanied by age, the teeth will follow the aging process, which means that the gums are bleeding when the teeth are brushed, and the tartar is increased. The teeth will be inflamed when eating spicy food, the bleeding of the roots will be damaged, the gums will be congested and easy to fall.
03 3 The signs of tooth aging are that the teeth are not white, lose their luster, slowly become yellow, and the brush can't be brushed, especially after smoking, the mouth also smells, not as clear and transparent as before.
04 Friends of tooth aging should not eat cold food, otherwise the teeth will age faster.