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Dry with your lips and say goodbye

01 1 Please wash 15 grams of fresh calendula with water for later use. Put the appropriate amount of water on the pot and boil it. Put the calendula in it and heat it for half an hour.
02 2 Gently take out half of the lipstick in the house, make small pieces, put them in a container, place them in a pot, and heat them evenly until the lipstick becomes fluid-like due to temperature, then it can be turned off.
03 3 Take out the fluid lipstick, add a teaspoon of olive oil to it, mix gently with the calendula extract, mix well with a small spoon, add five drops of rose essential oil, lightly with a spoon before the fire is turned off.
04 Friends with dry lips, please eat more vegetables, beans and other foods rich in vitamins in daily life. This has a certain effect on preventing dry lips. Daily life, often exercise to enhance physical fitness, drink plenty of water, pay attention to