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Prevention and treatment of depression

The level of modern life science and technology tells the development that the competition for jobs is becoming increasingly fierce. Many people will fall into depression after losing their jobs. But if they can't recover their emotions in time, they will probably fall into depression for a long time and suffer from depression. Now let's talk about how to prevent and treat this disease.
First, we should do this well: only by making ourselves physically and mentally healthy can we prevent and treat depression. Adjust the time of work and rest properly, set the time of exercise, often relax and relax the tense nerves. This can effectively prevent depression.
Secondly, if you still suffer from this disease, don't worry too much, actively participate in social activities, think about happy things in the past, once you see through the disease, it will be solved. If this is still not curable, it is recommended to consult a psychologist in the hospital with your family, who will take you out of the dilemma.
Thirdly, in order not to let the disease recur, it is better to keep a good mood every day and find appropriate ways to vent when something is pressing, so that we will not be afraid of recurrence.
Patients suffering from this disease need to make a great adjustment in their mentality, and do not see the world too much with the state of the disease.