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Method of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang by exercise

01 Every day, rubbing your feet. After rubbing your hands with your palms, rub your right foot with your left hand and rub your left foot with your right hand. Each morning and evening, each time you lick 300 times.
02 Do a set of simple gymnastics every day 1. The two feet are parallel, the foot is shoulder width, the front is visually visible, the two arms are naturally drooping, the two palms are attached to the trousers, the fingers are naturally opened. The heel is lifted and the breath is continuously 9 times.
03 Do an anal movement every day. Relax and relax naturally. When exhaling, do an anal movement, relax when inhaling, and repeat about 30 times.
04 Daily waist massage Two palms face each other, after the palms are hot, put them on the sides of the waist, palms to the skin, massage the waist up and down, until there is a sense of heat. Each morning and evening, about 200 times each time.
05 Tai Chi is practiced every day. It is best to carry out Tai Chi in the morning in the fresh air park, under the trees and at the water.