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List things that are not suitable for patients with coronary heart disease

01 Coronary heart disease can not eat high-fat, high-calorie food. If continuous high-fat, high-calorie diet for a long time, blood lipids can be further increased, blood viscosity increased, arteriosclerotic plaque is easy to form, and eventually lead to thrombosis recurrence.
02 Fat sweet, salty and irritating products that are not suitable for coronary heart disease patients. Coronary heart patients should drink less sweet drinks and reduce the intake of cream cakes. In addition, avoid excessive salty sauce,
03 Raw, cold and spicy foods are also unsuitable for coronary heart patients. For example, white wine, pepper, spicy hot pot, etc., as well as hot foods such as strong tea, mung bean, sheep, dog meat, etc. are not suitable for coronary heart disease patients.
04 coronary heart disease patients avoid smoking, alcohol abuse. According to the investigation, alcohol abuse is one of the causes of coronary heart disease. Tobacco can damage the intima of the blood vessels, and can cause small blood vessels to shrink, narrowing the lumen, and thus easy to form thrombosis;