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The effect and precautions of eating turtle

Dad came back here and told me that I came back with two turtles. The turtle is a very common fish in our lives. Although he looks like a tortoise, the real name is 鳖. The turtle is a kind of friend we like to eat.
Patients must know that turtles have a good inhibitory effect on cardiovascular disease, because eating turtles has the effect of purifying blood, so it can prevent the high cholesterol in the blood, and some of them are caused by high cholesterol.
Friends must understand that turtles are of great benefit to our liver, such as the spleen and stomach. If you eat turtles regularly, you will achieve conditioning of the stomach. Because there are more protein, it is very good for the spleen and stomach.
Friends must know that when eating turtles, they can't eat with the foods of mint, celery, duck eggs, duck meat, mustard, chicken, sassafras, crabs, etc., especially the scutellaria and crab can not eat with the turtle, this expectant mother