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How to do 5 stomach tips to protect the stomach health

01 养 stomach in winter - eat cold and cold in winter is the season of gastric disease easy to relapse or relapse. Because the gastrointestinal tract is very irritating to hot and cold, it is easy to catch cold if not paying attention, causing gastrointestinal diseases or making the original
02 Winter stomaching - avoid the risk of overeating and nourishing the stomach is to avoid overeating. From the functional point of view, only the stomach is smooth, the food can smoothly enter the intestine. If you eat too much, the food in the stomach \"big traffic jam\"
03 Winter stomaching - smoking cessation tobacco alcohol can increase gastric acid secretion, while reducing pyloric sphincter tension, bile reflux, destroying the gastric mucosal barrier. Therefore, long-term large-scale smoking is easy to cause peptic ulcer, and is not conducive to ulcer healing.
04 Winter stomaching - feeling happy and raising stomach Nowadays, urban people have high work pressure. If they stay up late, sleep quality is not high, or the spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, it may lead to insufficient stomach yin. From the perspective of the Five Elements, stomach
05 Winter stomach - strong tea coffee can not drink for a long time, the elderly like to drink tea, many young people like to drink coffee, not to say that you can not drink at all, but pay attention to the amount and degree. Long-term drinking tea to easily cause gastric mucosa