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How to Whiten Healthily in Summer

Summer is coming, many female friends are worrying about one thing, that is, how to keep a white and tender skin against the hot sun, and on the basis of health, this is really not an easy thing. Now I will introduce some of my health whitening experience to you.
First of all, whitening, many beautiful eyebrows will choose sunscreen, in fact, sunscreen is really a good choice for sunscreen, but we must pay attention to, do not choose sunscreen index is too high, that ordinary people can not use. There is also to remember to choose the plant essence, buy in regular shops, so that the skin is better, there will not be too many side effects.
The second is a little secret that everyone does not know - milk is a natural whitening liquid. In summer, you can put the milk in the refrigerator and ice it, so it is more comfortable. Then you can suck up the milk with cotton wool, apply it on your face for about 15 minutes, take it off, and then wash your face. If you insist, it will make your skin white and tender.
Finally, cucumber is the holy grace of beautiful eyebrows. Cucumber seeds are rich in vitamins and fruit acids, so they can eliminate sunburn. All over the body, and cucumber is a plant, no harm to the face. It is a good whitening dew to mix fresh cucumber juice with lard (liquid) and milk equally, and add a small amount of olive oil and chamomile liquid.
Beautiful eyebrows pay attention to, do not take tanning as one thing, too strong ultraviolet radiation is likely to cause skin cancer, so always pay attention to sunscreen.